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Kaiser Permanente Small Group Plans

(2-50 Employees)

Kaiser Health Plans

Kaiser Health Plans

With over eight million members, Kaiser Permanente is the leading HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) in the United States. The Kaiser Permanente Insurance Company offers quality medical insurance coverage at affordable prices. Using Kaiser Permanente online services,get quotes, view plans and apply. With an added focus on preventative medicine, nutrition, and exercise, the goal of the Kaiser HMO is to get you well, keep you well, and cause your health to thrive.

Copayment PlansCopayment Plans

The $30 Copayment Plan is the most popular of the Kaiser Permanente California group health plans. Many business owners choose this middle of the road coverage in order to keep their premiums down while still offering quality coverage. Employers looking for the richest Kaiser medical insurance benefits often choose the $5 Copayment Plan which offers doctor visits for a low $5 copayment, emergency visits for $100, and no charge for hospitalization.

Deductible PlansDeductible Plans

Kaiser California Small Business Deductible Plans offer affordable monthly premiums and include some benefits before the deductible is met. Some commonly utilized benefits such as doctor visits and prescription drugs are covered immediately once you are enrolled. Primary and specialty care visits only require a $30 copayment which is not subject to the deductible.

HSA Eligible Deductible PlansHSA Eligible Deductible Plans

Kaiser Permanente health savings account coverage has become increasingly popular amongst California small business health care plans. Employees with this group healthcare coverage may open a health savings account to save money for medical expenses. They may open this HSA account at Wells Fargo or the financial institution of their choice and begin making pre-tax contributions. The health savings account and the funds contained therein are the property of the employees and remain with the employees from year to year even if they cancel their medical coverage or discontinue working for the business. California employers may contribute to these accounts as part of a rewards program or simply pay into them to give their employees added benefits

Rates - 2-50 Employee Group Plans

January 2012 rate information

Jan - June 2011

  • Area 1 - Alameda, San Fran, San Joachin, San Mateo, & Santa Cruz counties.
  • Area 2&3 - Madera, Marin, Napa, Sacramento, Solano & Stanislaus, plus portions of Amador, Contra Costa, El Dorado, Fresno, Kings, Maripos, Placer, Sonoma, Sutter, Tulare, Yolo & Yuba counties.
  • Area 4 - Portions of Imperial, Riverside & San Bernadino counties.
  • Area 5 - Portionas of Los Angeles & San Diego counties.
  • Area 6 - Orange county.
  • Area 7 - Portions of Kern, Los Angeles, Tuilare & Ventura counties.


2009 Sample Kaiser Fees (helpful reference for HSA plans)
Northern California
Southern California

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Enrollment Guidelines

Required Paperwork:

Employer Application (download)
Employee Application (download) for each employee and/or owner
Sole Proprietor-Owner Statement (download)
Most recent DE9c (State quarterly payroll report)
Statement of Information (sample)
Copy of Articles of Incorporation
Business check for one month's estimated premium payable to the insurance company

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Submission Timeline:

It is ideal to submit all completed forms two weeks before the requested effective date to provide ample time for the carrier to underwrite and provide a group number.