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Pacificare Health Plans

Welcome to PacifiCare. Stay healthy with wellness programs, easy access to doctors and hospitals, and a wide variety of health plans.


Pacificare Signature ValuePacificare Signature Value

A Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) focuses on the quality of care provided to its members - with prevention and wellness as the key components of that care. Health services are accessed through contracted primary care physicians (PCPs) who know the member's medical history and individual needs; thus a partnership is formed between the member, the provider and the health plan. HMOs offer minimal paperwork and low, predictable out-of-pocket costs. Members pay a small, predetermined copayment each time they receive health care services.

Pacificare Signature POSPacificare Signature POS

A Point of Service (POS) plan offers members greater flexibility and options. POS plans combine the savings of an HMO with the flexibility of a typical indemnity arrangement. If you are looking for affordability, use the in-network option of your benefit plan. If you prefer to see a doctor who is not participating in the network, choose the out-of-network option.

Pacificare SignatureElite PPOPacificare SignatureElite PPO

A Preferred Provider Option is a plan which offers an even wider selection of physicians to members. These participating providers may be primary care doctors or specialists and PPO members are free to see any of them. PPO members may also visit non-contracted providers, but at a higher out-of-pocket cost. PacifiCare SignatureEliteSM is available to employer groups of 51 or more employees.

Pacificare Signature FreedomPacificare Signature Freedom

The PacifiCare SignatureFreedom® plan is a Self Directed Health Plan, or SDHP. It is PPO-based, so you'll have access to a broad network of physicians and hospitals. PacifiCare SignatureFreedom rewards you with an annual Self Directed Account (SDA) which you can use toward certain types of preventative health care services like doctor's office visits, mammography screening, breast and pelvic exams, and more.

  • You can choose any provider licensed or certified to provide covered benefits.
  • You pay a lower copayment or coinsurance when you visit a doctor that is in the participating network.
  • Any money from your SDA that you don't spend is carried over to the next year, allowing you to "save" for future health care expenses.
  • Services not covered by the SDA, such as inpatient surgery or emergency room visits, are paid for like a traditional PPO, with yearly deductible and a charge for coinsurance.
  • You have access to a complete suite of online support tools that allow you to keep track of your SDA account, claim activity, status, provider choice and health care costs.



Enrollment Guidelines

What paperwork should we submit?

Employer Application (download)
Employee Application (download) for each employee and/or owner
SoleProprietor-Owner Statement (download)
Most recent DE6 (State quarterly payroll report)
Statement of Information (sample)
Copy of Articles of Incorporation
Business check for one month's estimated premium payable to the insurance company

Send to our office:

Health Plans Online, Inc.
31194 La Baya Dr. Ste. 201
Westlake Village, CA 91362

How Early do we submit the forms before our requested effective date?

It is ideal to submit all completed forms two weeks before the requested effective date to provide ample time for the carrier to underwrite and provide a group number.